Mobile Notary Public:

When people think of a Notary Public they don’t necessarily think mobile. A regular notary public works from an office that you travel to in order to have your document notarized. Usually, they work out  of mail box stores, copy centers, banks, and, travel agencies.

Mobile Notary Public travels to you. Our motto is have stamp, will travel! The mobile option is for those that want the convenience of someone coming to them. Our lives are so busy these days it’s nice to have someone come to you. The traveling notary is also good for those that are home bound, in a nursing home, or hospitalized and it is impossible for the individual to leave to have a document notarized.
Each notary sets their own travel fee, which may include such variables as distance, weekday vs. weekend, if it’s a holiday, and the time of day (whether you’re needed early in the day or late in the evening). 
(Note: While the travel fee may vary the maximum a notary can legally charge for a notarization is $10 per notarized signature in California.)

I provide mobile notary services in throughout Sacramento county.

I am also available to notarize trust, corporate, adoption, parental permission to travel, health care directive, motor vehicle transfer documents, California services and more!
Contact me at (916) 308-7997 for Notary services.