VIN verification

The DMV may require that you get a VIN verification for certain vehicles & certain situations. If for instance you have an out-of-state vehicle, the DMV requires that you have your vehicle verified by a DMV employee, a CHP officer or a licensed mobile VIN verifier.

Business partner with California DMV. On-site instant VIN verification.

You need a verifier if;
You have a vehicle that is no longer in the DMV database.
You have any vehicle that was registered out of state and coming into California.
You have a non California motorcycle with out of state title.
You have vehicle documentation that reflects an incorrect VIN
  • The cost:
    • On-site (in our office): $40
    • Off-site (mobile – we come to you): $90 – Is usually within 10 miles. For distances further than 10 miles the price will increase but is negotiable.
  • Here is the list of vehicles that we cannot verify:
    • Salvage or junked vehicles cannot be verified by anyone other than a CHP officer or the DMV itself. Even if the vehicle has already been branded “salvage” previously by California DMV or by another state DMV, it will need to be taken directly to the CHP or DMV.
    • Motorcycles with no supporting documents and that is doing a change of engine.

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