Mailbox Rentals

Capital Services have Mailbox rentals services for receiving mail that can be affordable and the better option for other people. Those that live in an apartment may find that receiving mail can be difficult, which is why mailbox rentals are provided. The post office will have different sizes of slots available for residential and commercial renters. They will also offer different services, including forwarding packages. If you don’t want a package left on your porch, renting a box for your mail to be delivered to could be a solution. Custom mailboxes can be made for heavy duty use or private locking mechanisms. Rent for a post office box can be given in monthly increments. Other stores will also provide mail box renting and forwarding services. Payment will often need to be on time in order for you to be able to receive your mail. The size can also vary depending on how much mail you want the mailbox to hold. Apartments may provide mail slots for residents, but some tenants may prefer renting mailboxes during their stay. The post office can help answer any questions you may have on regulations they require when it comes to mail services. To find a mailbox rental and receiving services you can search for capital services.


  • $15/mo for minimum 6 months
  • $15/mo$10/mo for duration more than 6 months